FISE Madrid


05 May 2019 01:38
The Russian Irek Rizaev was the man to beat today, and he was in front of a line up made of 24 big names. The commitment was insane, and all the riders have at least one good run. Only the best run is scored by the judges on the semi final, which made this job almost impossible for them ! “It’s the hardest competition I ever judge” even said the judge Ruben Alcantara. It seems that nobody can steal the top spot to yesterday’s leader, who add one more trick to everything he does. By always adding something extra, he stand out and this is even enhanced by the energy he keep through his run. He was even competing with an old bike, because his two actual ones have been lost on the FISE World Series Hiroshima’s way. So yeah, it seems that nothing can kick him out of the podium. Nick Bruce is the kind of riders who love to take risk, and when he is ON, he is ON. He led all the today contest, until Irek smashed it. The podium is complete by the very special James Jones, who seems to know only one way of ridding : FULL GAS. Huge risk, massive tricks, he is a “go big or go home guy”... But he always want to go big - so make sure to tune it for the final tomorrow!
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