FISE Madrid

A huge line up rocks the Skateboard Street Semi Final

05 May 2019 00:02

They were 20 riders to enter today’s semi final, within a rad line up made of 11 nationalities. Among them, it’s the local Danny Leon who took the top spot ! Judges placed him first because he skated all of the park with a very good flow. Almost nothing separate him from Vincent Milou, who was very consistent on his runs. Mixing a big pop with many switch tricks was his good recipe of the day. Mathias Dell Olio, from Argentina, complete the podium thanks to some solid tricks, such as a big treflip nose. Nothing is done yet, so tomorrow’s final promise a gnarly show. Indeed, we can count on the original lines of Ke’Chaud Johnson to spice the contest. He even wrapped the day within a huge flip over the big platform, and was the only one who made tricks on this spot. 

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