Skateboard Final

18 Oct 2015 20:22
This morning saw the end of the skateboarding contest here at FISE World Chengdu. The 12 best riders were battling for a place on the podium and everybody truly gave it all they’ve got, pushing for bigger and more technical tricks than what we saw yesterday in the semi finals.
After a rainy morning, the sun finally decided to show up and shine for us, just in time to dry to skatepark and give the skaters the first few rays of sunshine of the weekend. The finals being earlier than usual, at 11 AM, we could see a difference in the riding: many riders didn’t have much time to warm up this morning, which ended up making them miss a lot of go-to tricks. But in the end, we did reach the level we know the FISE skateboarders are capable of. 
It’s the young French skater Joseph Garbaccio (FRA) who, just like in the semi-finals, finished on top of the scoring board and hence on top of the podium. He did an amazing run, including a big kick flip indie all the way across the big quarter pipe. Joseph also tried a Back Side 720 to tail slide, missing it by just a notch. 
The second place went to a very deserving Dany Leon (SPA), who performed an amazing amount of tricks, wrapping things up with a nearly perfect run on his last try. Dany definitely got his high scores from the judges by using the whole park to a maximum, showing style and flow as well as technicality in the performance, meeting all criteria for a high score.
The Russian Egor Golubev (RUS) managed to get to the third step to the podium with the high level riding we know he has. Egor is a great example of what Russia has to offer in terms of riders: committed skaters, pushing hard and going big at all times.
Another highlight of today’s contest was when Nitro Circus rider Beaver Flemings decided that his run wasn’t going well enough for him, and that he was too warm: he gather some speed and jumped right into the lake. What a showman!
Skateboarding once more blew our mind on the FISE World series, attracting a ton of people on site to come and watch what may be the one of the most technical sport on the tour. The riders did not disappoint and we are sure looking forward to see them again in Montpellier next summer!