Zoom on: BMX Flat

13 Oct 2015 12:20

Just a few tiny days before the big big stop of the FISE World Series in China! Good news for all Flat lovers, even if there won't be an official competition in this discipline, there will be some absolutely awesome show on the Honor stand, with the star in the discipline, Alex Jumelin. It's a date every day at 4 PM!

Alex Jumelin is most likely THE most loyal rider at FISE, since he never missed one edition since its beginnings in 1997. This BMX lover, addicted since the age of 11, is loved by all, crowds as much as brands, and never stops climbing on podiums at each event. He is a true reference in terms of BMX Flat! You got the point - it will be one of the highlights of this FISE World Series in Chengdu, China!