FISE World Denver 2016


06 Sep 2016 07:11
Back on the FISE after his last visit in Malaysia, the Australian Brandon Loupos has impressed us all by realizing an exploit beating Daniel Dhers and Logan Martin at their own game, by combining a very precise routine and very big tricks. His first run was so efficient with a very risky cashroll on the double, that he put a certain pressure on Logan Martin's weakened shoulder...
Logan crashed, surprisingly, and in a quite harsh way on a triple whip. He went back to it with the big tricks that we know him for and an amazing   270 alley oop whip transfer that he pulled out of his hat, totally unexpected, however he couldn't rank higher than 6th this time.  
This new disappointment lets Daniel Dhers gain more points still leading the overall ranking of the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup, his main objective on this season. Daniel Dhers in competition clearly is good business. His two clean, flawless runs spiced up with a difficult quarter to quarter double whip transfer offers him a new second place. 
Jack Clark completes the podium thanks to a refreshing run with variety. Each ramp was worth a move and the step up still hasn't understood how it is possible to nail such a beautiful 360 invert…using it in reverse mode. With a second very positive result in a row, he proves himself to be, more and more, a consistent rider we need to consider on the upcoming contests. 
In the end, there were more crashes than in the semi-final. That's a thing we can understand knowing the growing challenges and the necessity to go for the biggest tricks by the end a very demanding weekend. Other riders more unlucky like Kostya Andreev, Daniel Sandoval or Nick Bruce, considering their bag of tricks, could have claimed better. We will see them all again in Edmonton with the next stopover of these thrilling series.