FISE World Denver 2016

Greg Lutzka completes his perfect week-end !

06 Sep 2016 04:25

Qualified in first place after the semi-final, the experimented californian Greg Lutzka had the possibility to manage his final as he liked by adjusting his skating level to the others.

We knew that Adrien Bulard was able to overturn the fragile hierarchy of the semi-final. He was the first to set the bar very high by making a superb first run with a 93.66 score. However, he probably still think about that flip drop in from the chicago that he didn’t pull and that could have changed the deal later.  

Beaver Fleming nailed a perfect run in its own style, with transfers that he is the only one to land on the BMX part of the park. He put his flower shirt back into his suitcase but he can still offer us his signature flip tomahawk on the step up. With a score of 91 he was still standing behind Adrien Bulard.

Vincent Milou had the potential to shake the hierarchy, despite recent problems with a fractured ankle. With lots of flips and style on the various boxes, his first run was nearly perfect, but with a small mistake he could not get a better score than 90.33. 

Greg Lutzka knew what he had to do to go take the temporary first place out of Adrien Bulard’s hands. He did it with the wisdom of someone who is used to the big competitions. Once he had landed his famous front 270 noseblunt on the bump to rail, he could keep on making the same perfect run as in the semi-final. With a score of 94.33 he was taking the lead and would never let it go. 


None of the group 3 skaters could improve their best run, Greg just had to enjoy his second run all relaxed. He was the winner of this FISE WORLD DENVER.

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