FISE World Croatia 2016

Finals results

23 Jul 2016 21:25
The UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup finals on this Croatian stop in Osijek just ended. With no less than two hours of suspense where the best pro riders were in confrontation on the huge Park. 

Armed with his usual consistency and perfect runs, Logan MARTIN is the grand winner of this second FISE World Series stopover.
He is followed by Daniel DHERS who climbs on the second step of the podium with his no handed 720 cork. In third position, we have the American Josh PERRY who amazed us with his 720 bar spin transfer.

Here is tonight's ranking :
1.MARTIN Logan 92.33 pts
2.DHERS Daniel 90.66 pts
3.PERRY Joshua 87.33 pts
4.CLARK Jack 85.33 pts
5.VARGA Mike 84.33 pts
6.LEIVA Jake 83.66 pts
7.BROOKS Declan 82.66 pts
8.SANDOVAL Daniel 82 pts
9.PEAKE Cam 81.66 pts
10.COLEBORN Alex 78.66 pts
11.BRUCE Nick 77.66 pts
12.TENCIO Kenneth 74.66 pts
We will see you soon in Denver (USA) with the next FISE World Series stop, from September 3 to 5 in Colorado. See ya !
1 DHERS Daniel Venezuela 18000
2 MARTIN Logan Australia 16700
3 VARGA Mike Canada 15400
4 COLEBORN Alex GBR 14900
5 TENCIO Kenneth Costa Rica 11600
- LEIVA Jake USA 11600
7 BRUCE Nick USA 9800
8 CLARK Jack GBR 8800
9 PERRY Josh  USA 8200
10 PERAZA Kevin USA 7200
11 BROOKS Declan GBR 7100
12 SANDOVAL Daniel USA 6400
You would like to watch the finals again? Follow this link