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Q&A with Drew Bezanson

12 Apr 2016 18:40

Since his breakout year in 2010, Drew has become renowned as one of the top BMX park riders in the world.  Since 2011 it's been quicker to tell you when he hasn't been Simple Session champion, and he's won several editions of the Baltic Games in Gdansk in typical flamboyant style.  At 26 years old, Drew still has his best years ahead of him. 

FISE caught up with the Canadian rider at the launch of FISE World Edmonton to talk tricks, injuries and the excitement of riding in front of a home crowd.   

What is the craziest trick you’ve pulled off?

The curved wall in Uncontainable with Red Bull.  It might not be the craziest trick I’ve done but it’s the trick I’ve done with the most risk.  It was the hardest trick for me to just do because of all my friends and family standing down there and I could see how concerned they were!

Can you list all your injuries from riding?

Jeez… OK so the worst one is probably the 4 points of haemorrhaging on the left frontal lobe of my brain.  I’ve broken my elbow, broken my ankle, broken the top off my hip, grade three separation of my right shoulder, dislocated my left shoulder and subluxated it a bunch of times.  Then there’s the usual rolled ankles and bruised ribs, there’s always a little bit going on…  

Ouch! What motivates you to keep getting back on the bike?

I get motivated by different athletes, people who have sacrificed everything and then done great things.  My parents motivate me a lot, recognising how much they’ve sacrificed to give me the best childhood possible.  I hate seeing people waste talent, so I’m motivated to never waste mine; to see how far I can go and what I can accomplish. 

Who were your favourite athletes growing up?

I started off racing Motocross, so in the beginning it was people like Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael, Travis Pastrana.  Then getting into BMX it was guys like Dave Mirra who was just larger than life, Ryan Nyquist, Cory Martinez, Danny Hickerson and Morgan Wade.  I was a fan of so many riders.

What do you look for when choosing a bike?

Mostly the geometry of the bike.  I’ll start with the frame and then I’ll build it up with the parts I know I like - from different crank lengths to how I like my gearing a bit harder.  But mostly it’s about the feel of the bike.  

2 pegs, 3 pegs or 4 pegs?

2 pegs.

What parts are you running on your bike right now?

I’m running a DK frame, fork and bars; DK crank, DK sprockets, DK pedals – as much DK as I can run!  Then for my wheels I have Profile Elite hubs which are definitely the choice right now, and Odyssey 7KA rims. 

We know that you’re having a go at MTB slopestyle this season – what are the differences in style you have to adapt to as a rider?

The biggest difference between riding BMX and MTB is the wheel size, because once you get rolling the rotational weight is so different.  The mountain bike is definitely not as nimble nor as easy to throw around as the BMX.  

What do you think of Edmonton as a stop for the FISE World Series this year?

I think Edmonton is gonna be amazing for FISE.  As a Canadian athlete, it means a lot to me being able to perform in front of home fans.  I’m super stoked to have the biggest and best contest in the world come to Canada for sure.