FISE Montpellier


10 May 2018 21:48
The 24 qualified skaters have been split into 6 groups of 4 with 2 runs each with the best run determining their place in the final 12 skaters! You can find the starting list available on the newsroom with a range of stars such as  Aurélien Giraud, Vincent Milou, Daisuke Ikeda, Joseph Garbaccio and many others! A lovely day of sunshine as per usual in Montpellier, with a brand new awesome skatepark built just for the FISE.
Richard Tury, the Slovakian, continues his amazing form from Hiroshima and has two incredibly solid runs and firmly takes his place in the top 12 with a score of 79.70 whilst the favourites start to wrestle for the final round. He has taken Maxime Genin with him through to the final.
An outstanding final group with big names pushing for tomorrows final. Last years winner Joseph Garbaccio is the first to drop in puts himself under pressure by dropping in too quickly. The Skater manages to secure his place in the final in his second run and comes 5th overall.
The battle for a place in the final round between Daisuke Ikeda, Aurélien Giraud et Vincent Milou was extremely intense. The Japanese who mesmerised us in Horishma shocks us again with an out of this world run. With no faults and gaining some serious air the rider gains 87.25 points and pulls out all sorts of rotations including a back 270 to a 270 out as well as his famous Mactwist on the large quarter pipe. His first run could not be matched despite the motivated appearance of Aurélien Giraud. His return to the FISE was heavily anticipated, pulling off big grabs and grinds. However, he still manages to secure second place despite being 4 solid points behind Daisuke. Fresh from the United states Vincent Milou secures his place in 3rd place with a crook kickflip on the harbour and a front blunt on the gap to rail.
Here are the 12 qualifiers for tomorows final :
1 – Daisuke Ikeda
2 – Aurélien Giraud
3 – Vincent Milou
4 – Richard Tury
5 – Joseph Garbaccio
6 – Gabriel Zander
7 – Maxime Genin
8 – Danny Leon
9 – Adrien Bulard
10 – George Poole
11 – Casella Neverton
12 – Lawrence Ravail
Replay :