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09 May 2018 21:48
After the Spine ramp and some Slopestyle the past years on the FISE, this year the riders can enjoy a park dedicated to Freestyle Scooter and Roller, with ramps made for their riding : big transitions on the side and all sorts of street rails and curbs in the centre.
The English DANTE HUTCHINSON finished first passing the 90 points mark. The world champion did the job, he landed some of his favorite tricks not only on the box but also on the curbs with a surprising halfcab flair out of a backward grind ; an unexpected combo which easily gives him the lead after this semi-final. He is the only one to go beyond the 90 pts mark, and with some much ease !
Following closely we have TYLER CHAFFIN with 86.2 points and ROOMET SAALIK with 84.25 points. They will play for the honorable spots tomorrow behind a Dante Hutchinson who definitely seems stronger.
A very nice semi-final which promises great action tomorrow, starting at 3:45.