FISE Montpellier


11 May 2018 20:02
Crédit photo : Matthieu Metivet
The first major final in front of tens of thousands of people on the side of the Lez! All done on a new park dedicated to street skating!
After the first round of runs DANNY LEON has the best score after a crowd pleasing run with big airs on the quarter pipes, speed enabling an incline Honor and without mentioning the finger flip to disaster! A flawless fluidity which is beating the multitude of tricks demonstrated by ADRIEN BULARD and the style of GEORGE POOLE as well as the technicality of MAXIME GENIN !
Due to Adrien Bulards hick ups, Danny Leon has managed to secure first place. With a second run even better than the first and a flawless first 40 seconds again with his front blunt on the large quarter and a drop in on the quarter pipe adjacent to it, its fair to say he is killing it! Pulling off a new kickflip stalefish he could have easily passed the 80-point barrier, alas, his fall limits his score to 79 points. Maxime Genin also improves his score with a lovely kickflip back lip. He stays in second place whilst the group of favourites get ready for their first runs.
By the end of the first set of runs from the second group the score board has been completely changed! VINCENT MILOU (his run) filled his run with flip tricks like his crooked kickflip on the harbour despite one or two mistakes he still goes ahead in front of DAISUKE IKEDA (his run) who reproduced a flawless copy of his run from the semi-final.
AURELIEN GIRAUD (his run) sits in 3rd place for now with a tre flip nose grind on the harbour. JOSEPH GARBACCIO (last years winner) has been no threat to the final. Unfortunately, none of his runs went his way. Unlike GABRIEL ZANDER who despite his great runs stays down in the league table. Let’s see how things develop in the second runs.
The tension was high during the second runs however no one improved their score of the first run apart from Daisuke Ikeda. With a flawless run with an extra 270 out from his 270 board slide from the start of his run. Unfortunately, the judges left him short of 0.3 points and fell in second behind the Frenchman who has recently come back from the united states. The Frenchman (Milou) takes home the gold with a flawless sense of style and gravitas. Along with Aurélien Giraud, the three make a very impressive top 3 ranking.
1 – Vincent Milou
2 – Daisuke Ikeda
2 – Aurélien Giraud
4 – Danny Léon
5 – Maxime Genin
6 – Gabriel Zander
7 – George Poole
8 – Richard Tury
9 – Adrien Bulard
10 – Lawrence Ravail
11 – Joseph Garbaccio
12 – Casella Neverton
In terms of the FISE World series Daisuke Ikeda keeps his lead due to his victory in Hiroshima, A quick reminder that the top 5 riders gain a free ticket for the 3rd stage of the event in Edmonton, Canada.