Action in an Oasis

27 Feb 2019 16:59
Clocks are ticking down to the start of this year’s FISE World Series, but before we can drop the ball, we’re hosting the FISE Battle of the Champions in Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia. 
This exclusive event gives you VIP access to the best riders of last season before they embark on forthcoming competitive challenges. They’ll be showcasing their skills in BMX Freestyle Park and Flatland, Roller Freestyle, Skateboard, Parkour, Kitesurf and Wakeboard. 
Why Al-Ahsa? 
After a crowd of 137,000 flocked to Jeddah for the 2018 launch event, we are thrilled to be presenting another ground-breaking spectacle beneath the sun.  
Saudi Arabia is an emerging hub of action sport. Its vision of delivering world-class action to the public corresponds perfectly with FISE’s desire to push boundaries and develop action sport across the globe. 
Located in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, Al-Ahsa Oasis suits its name perfectly; Home to one of the largest oasis’ in the world, an abundance of palm trees and greenery stand out among a sea of yellow sands. Warm and cold-water springs flow amongst the sands, creating a blissful sound that carries historic prevalence. In classic Arabic, Ahsa is the sound of water running underground. Known to be one of the first populated areas in the region, the oasis still has remnants of ancient civilizations, as well as a bright culture that attracts tourists from around the globe.
Merging a rich history with a bright future, the Al-Ahsa launch event is like mixing chocolate and bacon – an incredible and unique combination you simply must try!  
As well as FISE’s best athletes, amateur riders will also compete, and the public can experience action-packed activities with free admission throughout the weekend. From 
14–16 March, the oasis will be the centre of action sport – don’t be left out! 
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