Who we’re pumped to see

12 Mar 2019 16:32
Legends will rise from the oasis. Leaving onlookers in awe and fellow competitors at their mercy. Dawn the week of the FISE Battle of Champions…
Dramatic music aside, we’re counting down the final days until we see the best from last season showcase their skills in Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia. Before the action gets underway, we’ve highlighted a super six athletes we’re pumped to see.
Dominik Hernler
Dominik conquered adverse weather last year to become champion in the Wakeboard Final in Montpellier, tallying his third FISE Championship. Now he’s back and looking to cause waves; with an innovative mind and an impressive pool of talent to match, expect the 27-year-old Austrian to showcase some massive tricks in the oasis!
Marin Rantes
At only 23, this Croat just keeps getting hotter! Marin’s calm and consistent approach to the 2018 FISE World Series took him to the top spot overall in the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup, and since then he’s been simmering in the background. We cannot wait to see him ignite the park with new tricks, new air, and new levels of riding!
Joe Atkinson
The British are coming to Al-Ahsa! 26-year old UK native Joe Atkinson proved a force to be reckoned in the Roller competition last season, taking the number one position as the Overall Roller Freestyle Champion. This year, he’s returning with his crown set firmly atop his head – what skills will he bring to the park so it can stay there?
Richard Tury
Richard Tury is the next generation of skateboarding. Pulling out all the stops to secure the 2018 overall Skateboard Street Title, the Slovakian is right in the middle of the sport’s revolution. Skateboarding appeared at all our World Series stops last year, and we can’t wait to see what runs this skateboard sensation has up his sleeve this time around.
Johan Tonnoir
This French freerunner is on top of the world – literally. His Instagram never fails to make our eyes bulge as he jumps across roof tops, and after his second-place finish in Montpellier last year, the 24-year-old has his eyes set on the top. 
Alex Jumelin 
The godfather of Flatland is gracing us once again! After coming second in the inaugural UCI BMX Flatland World Cup, the 41-year-old inspiration continued to share his love for two wheels as co-founder of the FISE Flatland Academy in France. While teaching his successors, he must have picked up some new moves that we can’t wait take in!
There’s big names and big action getting ready to take Al-Ahsa! Don’t get caught with FOMO – tune into all the of action on FISE Facebook and YouTube between 14 – 16 March.