FISE Chengdu -

Crazy display of Flatland at FISE Chengdu

02 Nov 2019 12:08

It was a super high level of riding in the UCI BMX Flatland World Cup Men Semi Finals today The judges were put in the unique situation of having to mark 4 guys flawless runs. The Top 3 were particularly creative and were masters of their bike. One thing is for sure : they took risks , and it paid off !

Starting with a perfect 720 Nose manual, the Frenchy Alex Jumelin took the lead in today’s semi final. His very high level of creativity, enhanced by a perfect run meant that it was difficult to mark it down as a judge.  His riding was literally on the edge, and he had to commit to every combo to deal with all the risky tricks he was launching. 

He was followed by Moto Sasaki and his unique take on motion. He succeed today with a high paced 3 minute run, proving his unique backwards spinning using both sides of the bike. 

In 3rd place was Matthias Dandois, thanks to his unique combination of flat and street style. His runs were full of power, supported by a gnarly medley of eighties French songs.

Today’s was lit and it’s teasing on a cosmic final tomorrow, so make sure to tune on the live !