FISE Chengdu

FISE Chengdu 2019 – Scooter Freestyle Park Contenders

03 Oct 2019 16:09

Insane riders + sick speed + scooters = borderline craziness we’ve fallen in love with!

Scooter Freestyle Park has become a fan favourite on FISE World Series (FWS) stops since its first appearance in 2013. After a summer of dedicated lines and world scootering firsts, we can’t wait to witness what’s in store at FISE Chengdu!

The best and the brightest riders from around the globe descended on Montpellier, including an army of young talent from the UK. Jamie Addison, Jayden Sharman, Dante Hutchinson and Jamie Hull were all Top 10 finishers, bringing new levels of height, complexity and courage to the park.

Dante, a lucky late-qualifier to the final stages of the comp, had something to prove in the Final. His 87.25 score was enough to move into 3rd position as he managed to beat Jayden – who had casually stuck a Buttercup on the end of a Stanley Flip for Scooter Best Trick only the day before. 

Australia’s Dylan Morrison dropped a serious run that earned him the first 90+ of the Final. Laying down a solid 91.50, he looked to have sealed the deal, until… GB’s last shot at the top spot, Jamie Hull, presented a Double Backflip Tailwhip on the buzzer to land him a 93.00 and – most importantly – the win.

Here’s how it all ended up in Montpellier…

1.    Jamie Hull – 93.00 – GB
2.    Dylan Morrison – 91.50 – Australia
3.    Dante Hutchinson – 87.50 – GB
4.    Jayden Sharman – 84.75 – GB
5.    Matty Ceravolo – 83.50 – Australia
6.    Esteban Clot – 82.50 – France
7.    Jamie Addison – 81.75 – GB
8.    Corentin Labrador – 81.50 – France
9.    Sogo Sakakibara – 74.75 – Japan
10.    Billy Watts – 66.25 – Australia

Jamie Hull’s Winning Run

Dylan Morrison’s 2nd place

Dante Hutchinson’s 3rd place

It’s been three months since we’ve seen these guys on a FISE park, and the fast-paced Scooter world of rocketing scores and ever-evolving talent ensures FISE Chengdu crowds will have a sight to behold come 31 October. Jamie Hull will be looking to improve on his 3rd place 2018 finish as the other contenders vie for their time on the podium.

Get ready for Scooter Freestyle Park to take Chengdu!