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FISE Chengdu 2019 – UCI BMX Flatland World Cup Contenders

03 Oct 2019 16:28

UCI BMX Flatland World Cup Men

The season started with some big shocks and surprises in the UCI BMX Flatland World Cup.  At the first stop in Hiroshima, Japan newcomer Ryo Katagiri stole the show and beat the established flatland legends to take 1st place. Unfortunately for Ryo he was less convincing away from home at the second stop in Montpellier and only managed 19th place. That said he will definitely be one to keep an eye out for in the future.

At the top of the rankings at the moment we find Czech Flatland sensation Dominik Nekolny. Dominik didn't take part in the World Cup last year, but this year he is back with a vengeance, impressing everyone with his powerful, technical riding ability. Dominik beat out the French contingent to take 1st  place in Montpellier which is certainly no easy feat, can he do the same in Chengdu?

In 2nd  place currently we have the familiar name of Matthias Dandois. Matthias is a FISE legend and one of the most creative and stylistic riders in the game. He will surely have been disappointed not to have taken the win in Montpellier and will no doubt be giving it his all in Chengdu to make sure he takes home the overall title once again.

Moto Sasaki from Japan is another familiar name on the scene. He is one of the biggest riders out of Japan and currently 3rd place overall. He managed to take 3rd place in Montpellier can he climb up a few steps on the podium in Chengdu?

1.    Dominik Nekolny - 18200 – Czech Republic
2.    Matthias Dandois – 18000 – France
3.    Moto Sasaki – 14100 – Japan
4.    Alex Jumelin – 13900 – France
5.    Terry Adams – 11600 – USA

Dominik 1st Place in MTP:

Matthias 2nd Place in MTP:

Moto  3rd in MTP:

UCI BMX Flatland World Cup Women

It has been an absolute delight to watch this competition become more and more competitive over the last 2 years and so far this season the standard has been higher than ever. Despite the increase in level so far no one has been able to beat the unstoppable Misaki Katagiri. Misaki was the overall champion last year and she is on course to repeat the victory once again. Her riding is exceptional and she pulls her combos so cleanly.

In 2nd  place at the moment we have Irina Sadovnik from Austria who got 2nd place in Japan and 3rd place in France with her skilful riding and stylish combos.

In 3rd place we find Céline Vaes from France. It is hard to believe Celine only started to ride a couple of years ago. She is certainly a quick learner and we see her constantly improving at every stop, we look forward to seeing what new combos she can pull in China!

1.    Misaki  KATAGIRI – 20000 - Japan
2.    Irina SADOVNIK -  17200 - Austria
3.    CéLine VAES -  14400 -  France
4.    Ekaterina KRUGLOVA – 14400 - Russia
5.    Julia PREUSS – 9000 - Germany