FISE Chengdu

FISE Chengdu 2019 – UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Contenders

03 Oct 2019 16:33

This competition needs no introduction it is one of the most intense and exciting competitions at every stage of the FISE World Series. This season has produced some outstanding moments and once again we see the level of BMX Freestyle being pushed higher and higher.  Here is a reminder of what has happened so far and a look at some of the key battles that are making this season’s final showdown more anticipated than ever.

UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Men

Once again we find Mr. Consistency Logan Martin from Australia in top place. It has been a hell of a year for him both personally and professionally and he will want to put the icing on the cake by taking the win in Chengdu.  Such is his talent it is a real surprise to have seen him on the 3rd place podium spot twice this season, but it would be no shock to see him take 1st in Chengdu.  

Currently second place is tied on points between 2 young BMX riders however as Justin Dowell finished higher at the last stop in Montpellier he currently sits in 2nd. Justin Dowell represents team USA and has been thrust into the spotlight in recent years due to his immense talent and signature tricks. He took the gold at the UCI BMX Freestyle World Championships in 2018, meaning he has been rocking the UCI rainbow jersey all year. He kept a cool head and produced an outstanding run to walk away the winner in Montpellier which he described as a “dream come true”.

Rim Nakamura is a complete BMX rider, whether riding park or bowl his talent knows no bounds. He is known for stringing insane combos together and rides with heart. Rim was the local hero in Hiroshima and produced a performance worthy of his adoring fans to take 2nd place.  He took a hard slam at a contest recently so we hope to see him back on form and firing in Chengdu.

1.    Logan Martin -  16400 points  - Australia 
2.    Justin Dowell – 16200 – USA
3.    Rimu Nakamura – 16200 – Japan
4.    Irek Rizev – 15700 – Russia
5.    Brandon Loupos – 15400 – Australia 

Logan 3rd place in MTP:

Justin 1st in MTP:

Rim 2nd in Hiroshima:

UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Women

The standard of riding in this year’s series has been out of this world. We have seen the women of BMX going harder and higher than ever. It is no surprise to see a familiar name at the top of the series ranking so far, Hannah Roberts. Hannah is a phenomenal talent, she has won the series for the past two years but this year she has raised the bar even further. She rides with speed, power and passion putting it all on the line. In Hiroshima this year she showed that passion and heart when she came back from a really heavy slam in her first run to absolutely stomp her second and walk away the winner.

The second place position is currently tied on points between another American rider Perris Benegas and German rider Lara Lessman however Perris sits second in the table due to her finishing higher at FISE Montpellier.

Perris’ riding is all about  style and amplitude. This season she has gone higher than we have ever seen before and she does it with flair, cruising around the park. She  earned her a well-deserved 2nd place in Montpellier and 3rd place in Japan.

Lara Lessman has a massive bag of tricks for someone so young. She is an exciting rider to watch, always choosing different lines and popping up with unexpected tricks and has amazing bike control.  Lara won in Chengdu 2018 can she do the same in 2019? We will have to wait and see.

1.    Hannah ROBERTS – 20000 - USA
2.    Perris BENEGAS -  17200 - USA
3.    Lara Marie LESSMANN – 17200 - Germany
4.    Chelsea WOLFE -  14400 - USA
5.    Minato OIKE -  14400 – Japan

Hannah 1st in Hiroshima:

Perris second in MTP:

Lara second Hiroshima: