FISE Hiroshima


10 Apr 2019 14:02

In a weeks time, from April 19th to 21st FISE World Series will land in Japan and more precisely the city of Hiroshima. Here we will organise for the second time the first stop of the FISE World Series.

On the program are the following sports:
- UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup
- UCI BMX Flatland World Cup
- World Skate Roller Freestyle World Cup
- FIG Parkour World Cup
- WSDSF World Open Series - Breakdance
- IFSC Bouldering
For those who will not have the chance to join us, you will be able to follow all the finals LIVE on and on NBC channel.
And for those who will be there, follow the whole program here and check out our travel tips.
To know
April is a festive month in Japan, because it is the period of cherry blossom "Hanami". It is therefore a very touristic period which means it is expensive.
> Budget: Between 700 and 1000 € / person for a return flight ticket.
> Visa: Most nationalities don’t need a VISA but check with your local embassy to be sure.
> Connection: A solution to have wifi everywhere is the Poket Wifi, it is reliable and convenient.
> Suitcase: April wether tends to be quite changeable, so pack of your raincoat for cloudy days and mid-season light clothes for the hot afternoons.
> Currency: Yen, on average 1 € = 120 yen
To do
> FISE Hiroshima: to come to the event follow the guide
> Peace Memorial Park:  A Symbol of Hiroshima's World Heritage in 1996, it is the only structure that remained intact after the bombing on August 6, 1945. Located 2 steps from the event
> Miyajima, the sacred island of Japan: Small island located in the bay of Hiroshima, all you will see there is sacred: the trees, the deer .... Ask and admire the door of the Torii and its floating sanctuary Shinto.
> Try Okonomiyaki: A kind of big pancake with delicious taste, where they typically put squid, cabbage, eggs, noodles, and you can add what you want, it is an authentic must try!
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