FISE Hiroshima


19 Apr 2019 14:01
Pictured left to right: Mihoko Kumamoto (Unitar Hiroshima), Laurent Dupont (Peace and Sport), Herve André Benoit (Hurricane Group), Mr Watanabe (JUSC), Mr Yuzaki (Hiroshima Prefectural) , Mr Kazumi Matsui (Hiroshima Mayor) Mr Fukayama (President of the Chamber of Commerce)
FISE Hiroshima has partnered with the international organisation Peace and Sport to close the 2019 #WhiteCard campaign. 
There couldn't be a more perfect location to celebrate peace than Hiroshima. The city itself has been recognised as a symbol of Peace and Hope. The event is being held next to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park which was created to advocate eternal peace to the world.
Today visitors, officials and riders took part in the "FISE Riders for Peace Challenge" where they raised the white card and the athletes participated in a Skateboard Ollie Contest.