FISE Hiroshima


21 May 2016 18:51
This weekend 19th -21st we are hosting the first stop of the FISE World Series 2019. To kick things off we hosted a Press Conference for Japanese and International Media. Speaking at the conference we had Mr Watanabe (JUSC Chairman), Mr Ota (JUSC Vice chairman), Hervé André-Benoit (Hurricane CEO), as well as a great selection of Japanese and International riders. As announced by the last speaker Laurent Dupont, a peace celebration will take place tomorrow. Thanks to a collaboration between Hurricane and Peace and Sport, FISE Hiroshima will be the closing event of the 2019#WhiteCard campaign. It will engage its riders in a "FISE Riders for Peace" challenge. Then visitors, riders and officials will raise a white card as strong symbol of peace.
Watch the live on FISE.TV