FISE Hiroshima

Nishiya Momiji wins the skateboard street

21 Apr 2019 14:27
What a final we have just witnessed ! Judges were super impressed by the Women’s level and commitment. Today’s final proved once again that they can smash it, and that they really deserve more support. The run of the day was dropped by Nishiya Momiji, and included an insane handrail frontside lipslide and a gnarly boardslide to fakie 50/50 180 out. With a perfect run, raw style & good vibes, she went straight into first place. She is followed by Fuuna Nakayama, who was playing on the handrail too. The podium was completed by another perfect run, packed with a classy selection of tricks by Horiguchi Rika. An easy way to sum up the contest is to quote the Skateboard legend Willy Santos, who was judging the contest : “The level for the women’s competition is becoming really diverse. They can skate everything!” 
All the results  HERE