FISE Hiroshima

Ryu Nakagawa climbers steal the show

21 Apr 2019 07:42
IFSC BOULDERING International Series
It was a Japanese only line up in today’s women’s final, proving how much of a big thing Bouldering is in FISE Hiroshima’s host country. Due to the particular style of the boulder wall, it was super hard for the judges to separate the athletes performance. The podium was filled by three very different ways of climbing, thanks to the wall which was made to enhance many different styles. And today’s winner was a real surprise! It was the first time for Ruy Nakagawa to participate in her first international competition. She is only 15 years old, and already promises to a great career. In second place, we found the powerful Hana Kudo, who is a bit more experienced because she joined the Youth World Championships last year. The podium was completed by the most technical of the Top 3, Serika Okawachi. Implementing a brand new format of competition definitely paid off because it brought many more spectators than last year, so you can definitively count on Bouldering to be even bigger next year.