FISE Hiroshima


20 Apr 2019 14:24
It was not the usual international line up we are used to seeing at FISE World Series Events. 8 out of the riders competing were Japaneses showing the popularity of the sport in this country. American skater Zander Gabriel was due to compete but was unable to participate as he broke his collarbone earlier today.  The level was super high but in the end it was Ryo Sagawa who took first place with a huge 91.85 pts. He rode with speed and packed in the tricks including a nollie bigspin front board to fakie which he landed sketchy but made it look so cool. In second place it was Ike Keyaki scoring 90.1 points he landed a switch hurricane, frontside nosegrind and a Switch front feeble grind during his run.  Aoki Yukito was in 3rd place he landed a kickflip frontside air that was magnificent.
Ryo Sagawa takes first place



Second place for Ike Keyaki



Aoki Yukito is in 3rd