FISE Hiroshima

sports and activities

20 Apr 2019 08:33

In keeping with our festival status there are loads of activities outside of our packed schedule of sports for attendees to enjoy.

Panoramic view and unique experience 
Want to take an original selfie or discover FISE Hiroshima with a 360° view ? It's possible with a platform that allows yo to live a unique experience. Even if you are dizzy, you will not disapointed, we tested for you.

The E-Sports battle will feature both Japanese and International professional gamers who will compete in 2 games:
E-Sports Battle 
Winning Eleven 2019 (PES in Europe) This is the most famous football game in Japan. The "Winning Eleven" series was created in 1995 in Japan by Konami. In the 20 years since its release the games popularity hasgrown across the world with cumulative sales of over 100 million.
Street Fighter V Arcade Edition
The « Street fighter » series, started life as an arcade game in 1987 game. The title established a genre and drove the polularity of fighting games in e-sports. The lastest release « Street Fighter V Arcade Edition » is avalable on PlayStation® and PC and now users can compete together for the first time in series history via « cross platform » playing.
Food Festival
There will be a host of local delicacies for attendees to enjoy in the food truck area including Hiroshima Beef, Local Sake, Oyster, and Okonomiyaki that the adventurous amongst you will definitely want to try. to more than 330 million homes.
It has become an institution to mix street art with the festival, here you can admire a Live painting ! 
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