FISE Montpellier -

Big level for breakdance world championships

30 May 2019 20:53

This afternoon, in the warmth of FISE and Dj Cléon's decks, the WDSF breakdance World Championship qualifiers on the flatland area were held. A huge crowd attended to encourage the dancers!

The competition was divided into two parts, first qualifying and then the finals. 24 dancers competed in qualifying and only the top 4 were selected by our international jury, consisting of three Bboys preceded by their reputation. The first part was in the form of team battles. From the first clashes, the level was very high, no need to be an expert in the discipline to notice how great these guys were! The four qualified dancers were Stewart, Mathis, Yann and Yass.

These 4 athletes were added to the 12 dancers, 6 French and 6 International, already qualified, and trained made up our TOP 16. The competition then continued directly with the finals!

For this second part, the dancers clashed face to face and the jury had to decide between them. Difficult thing, as the level was incredibly high! The Bboys had crazy acrobatics, more dazzling than the others. We will remember the opposition battle between Lagaet and Stewart in the quarter-finals that left the audience speechless, the announcer too!

It was finally the Canadian Phil-Wizard who won in the final against French athlete Lagaet, after two crazy runs on the part of the two competitors. He has therefore qualified for the world championships to be held in China on June 23!