FISE Montpellier -

Chihiro Azuma takes gold in the french final

02 Jun 2019 17:08

It is still early afternoon in Montpellier, but there’s no time for siesta today. It was fiesta time instead, as the women pro finals just took place on the Occitanie Freestyle Park! Local rider Lisa-Marie Authié took third place with a high speed run which started with a massive misty flip on the fun box, and the crowd loved every second of it! The current FISE World Series champion, Manon Derrien from Bordeaux, skated her very best for a chance to grab the win here in Montpellier. She laced a very clean run, only lacking a bit of speed and amplitude to climb higher than second place. On the top spot stood Chihiro Azuma, 22 years old, who took advantage of her first trip to France to lace two absolutely stunning runs: Smooth, stylish and technical, with a flawless fishbrain on the rainbow and alley oop top soul on the sub box to finish off her final run, she simply owned this course from start to finish and rolled away with the gold!