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Final FIG Parkour Freestyle Women - Stefanny Navarro in gold

02 Jun 2019 18:49

On Saturday afternoon the FIG Women's Parkour Speed ​​Run qualifiers took place. 13 athletes were in competition and only 8 were qualified for the finals. On this event, only speed counts, there is no execution of tricks but it is indeed a race against the clock or each run is timed. The goal is to go as quickly as possible from one end of Parkour Aréa to the other and to cross the finish line as quickly as possible.

Good news ! The Japanese Hikari IZUMI was able to participate in the final despite her shin injury yesterday, nothing serious therefore.

This Sunday at around 3:00 pm was the long-awaited finale of this Parkour Speed ​​Run competition. The athletes were in good form, over-motivated and ready to give the maximum to win first place. The heat did not frighten them, galvanized by their coaches and the public who came to encourage them.

The three winners who were able to reach the podium were in order:

Stefanny NAVARRO (Spain), who came in first place with a run of 14.12 seconds. The Spaniards were well prepared! After the gold medal won yesterday by Alberto GOMEZ on the same event, it is now Stefanny's turn to take the first place on the women's podium!

Saskia NEVILLE (Netherlands) comes second with a run of 15.07 seconds

Hikari IZUMI (Japan) finished third on the podium with a run of 15.52 seconds despite his tibial injury. Big performance!

Congratulations to all three! A very nice competition that delighted the athletes, all happy to have participated in FISE Montpellier 2019. See you next year