FISE Montpellier -

JAMIE Hull is first on the podium

31 May 2019 21:22


After 2 rounds of competition, the top 12 scooter riders of the week gathered on the Occitanie Freestyle Park to battle for a spot on the podium . They didn’t disappoint the huge crowd watching as they landed the most crazy combos of tricks that you could imagine. For an epic hour just before sunset, the crazy kids went mental, and the tricks went viral. Double flip triple whip, yes all in one, from Jamie Hull who made us all dizzy with an insane performance to take the 1st place.


It was not an easy task though as Dylan Morrison was pushing the progression as well, with a cool bmx style and a relaxed attitude. Talking of chill vibes, Dante Hutchinson presence and beautiful flow (3rd place) was giving a lot of confidence and motivation to all the riders out there, especially young Esteban Clot. At 14 years old, the french phenomenon had the time of his young life, a moment he will never forget as he landed his dream run, in front of a massive crowd, in his first major final. Finishing 6th, he will probably have trouble to sleep tonight ; same for all of us who will have to digest all these new tricks name : umbrella, butter cup and more to discover on our Highlights. This sport is not new anymore, but the progression is for sure amazing. See you next year scooter lovers.


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