FISE Montpellier -

Victor Salmon wins the finals of Wakeboard

02 Jun 2019 15:05

What happens when you want to mix urban sports and also wear your favorite swim shorts ; when you like the lights of the city and still want to wake up with your feet in the water ? FISE have found the recipe 20 years ago and has never stopped since pushing the promotion of Wakeboarding. Main hobby of FISE creator Hervé André Benoit, Wakeboard is more than legit in the action sports family.


Between the incredible combos on the grind boxes and the super impressive jumps on the kicker, the wake park looks like the other structures for skate, bmx and others disciplines. So many similarities but so many specificities too.  Wakeboard is fascinating and brings a big crowd together every year, for the first final of the last day of the festival.


There is actually no better way to wake up and recover after a long night than looking at these athletes dancing on the deck, before putting their all into their 2 final lines. Style for Pedro Caldas (3rd) who took pride in riding the course his own way, commitment and big tricks for Victor Salmon who takes the win ahead of french man Jules Charraud.

Again there was a little bit of everything for this final, somehow a good definition of FISE Montpellier.