E-FISE Montpellier by HONOR -

BMX riders smash it out of the E-FISE Montpellier by HONOR Park Amazing!

18 Aug 2020 16:32

Men, Women, Pro and Amateur entries for the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole BMX Freestyle Park competition have blown our socks off. What’s up next?

•    The top tail-whipping talents submit another video.

•    You vote.

•    Winners to the next stage are announced.

Take a look at the Top 3 Pro qualifiers going through to the Men's and Women's Pro Finals.


1.    Natalya Diehm Watch Natalya’s qualifying video 👉 here
A fresh face on the FISE scene and definitely one to watch, this 22-year-old Aussie gave her all in the qualifying video that secured her a top spot place. Effortless style and precision gained a score of 47/50 from the public and 48/50 from the judges. We'd be pretty stoked with that.

2.    Lizsurley Villegas Serna Watch Lizsurley’s qualifting video 👉 here. This Colombian Red Bull rider is our second qualifier. Aged just 17, Lizsurley is one of the youngest in the competition, but she’s more than ready to prove she's got what it takes to challenge the more experienced riders! One whole minute of adrenaline-fuelled action provides fans with a wide range of tricks - from Can-Can to Wall Plant.

3.   Queen Saray Villegas Serna Watch Queen Saray’s qualifying video 👉 here.
Introducing Queen Saray. Being the sister of and fellow competitor to Lizsurley sure adds a competitive sibling dynamic to the E-FISE competition. A mix of public and jury votes saw Queen Saray take 3rd place in the BMX Park qualifying rounds. Watch out for that casual Superman at 24 seconds …


1.    Konstantin Andreev Watch Konstantin’s qualifying video 👉 here.
A rider who goes big and the top qualifier in the E-FISE BMX Park. Known as Kostya to his friends, we’ve shared some of his memorable moments such as the huge Double Tailwhip to Footjam Whip to Barspin he aced in the 2016 FISE Montpellier Spine Ramp. We're hoping for something like this in his Finals' submission!

2.    Marin Rantes Watch Marin’s video 👉 here.
Count the number of Whips in the video below … Marin lets no corner of the park go to waste so it's hard to compete with the speed and precision of his tricks. We can’t wait to see how he tops this entry in his Finals' video.

3.    Logan Martin Watch Logan’s video 👉 here.
One of the biggest riders in the game right now … And just to mention that his video was shot at the Freestyle Park …IN HIS BACK GARDEN! Casual. Talk about life goals. Logan constantly brings out the biggest tricks on the park. E-FISE is proving no exception.

We may be mentioning only the Top 3 Pro Women and Men qualifiers, but don’t forget that 8 riders qualify for the Finals and there are those great Amateurs, too!

Keep your eyes on the E-FISE website from 7th September for all the Finals' video entries.

You - the fans - get 100% of the deciding votes!