E-FISE Montpellier by HONOR

MERY MUNOZ and ROMAN ABRATE  take first place on the podium!

20 Sep 2020 22:55

Riders from all over the world competed at an exceptionally high level for a place on the podium. Riders, fans and judges were impressed by the creativity of the videos made by our athletes.  In the men's final ROMAN ABRATE grabbed 1st place. On the second place of the podium, it is CJ WELLSMORE. Finally, it is  NILS JANSON who takes 3rd place on the podium. He smashed the whole contest landing on the podium in street as well.


Anecdote from e E-FISE, Rémy MEISTER came all the way from Belgium especially to Montpellier to film his final video, maybe to try and capture a bit of the usual FISE spirit.

In the women’s final we once again see Mery Munoz on top of the podium. Mery is a regular at FISE contents and her performance during E-FISE was as crazy as we usually see her in live events. In second place we have CATHERINE REYES who completely smashed her E-FISE entry. In 3rd place was  DANIELA ANDREA SALGADO.