FISE Montpellier


28 May 2022 17:13

As a reminder, yesterday was the qualifications of the GSHOCK GRAFFITI BATTLE! For this second edition we have a new partner, G-shock. Same structure and same concept: 4 artists compete face-to-face and only style counts!

Today we found our qualifiers from the day before: Naoui, Seyk, Goer and Digital.

For the semi-finals the artists had to graffiti with three spray paints in 7 minutes, with a theme chosen at random at the start of the event.

The first battle was Digital VS Naoui, they had the word TEAM and the colors white, blue and orange. The two artists fought well but it was Naoui who made a brighter creation and won the battle.

The second battle was Seyk VS Goer, they had the word SHOCK and the colors pastel pink, blue and black. The jury had a hard time deciding between these two great artists. Seyk won this battle and joined Naoui in the grand final.

The rules for the finals: 6 Cans, 15 minutes, 1 word!

For the third place battle, the artists Digital and Goer must create the word JAPAN. The two fought well but digital came out on top.

In the grand final, Seyk and Naoui. They have the word Casio in dedication to the sponsors of this battle “GSHOCK” both produced great works but it was Naoui who takes home the top prize.

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