FISE Montpellier -


27 May 2022 18:32

Roller Rail Contest presented by the City of Baillargues

It's one of the core FISE events: 23 steps, 1 rail, 10 roller guys, 45 minutes of madness and stairs that offer as many possibilities for tricks as for falls.

Under the watchful eye of Mathieu Heinemann, Anthony Avella, Blake Bird and Pascal Morasse among others, the Brazilian Kalleo Hipolito pulled an ultra-technical negative mistrial, Richard Vasquez landed a half cab top soul that he has been working on since 2019, and Swiss skater Jan Fehlmann closed the contest with a perfect half cab top soul as the last trick.

 Manu Locus was cheered on by the crowd as he attempted and eventually landed his trick, he is over 50 years old and still as powerful as ever. He skated so hard the wheels detached from his blades. Robin Lupo came in first place after pulling multiple tricks including - unity, savannah, top acid, front full torque - throughout the contest, giving him first place.

Another rail contest to remember!

1 - Robin Lupo

2 - Jan Fehlmann

3 - Kalleo Hipolito