FISE Montpellier -

On to the finals!

28 May 2022 17:00

After the first day of qualification, it's time for the semi-finals with 24 riders, divided into 4 groups. The format is 2 runs of 50 seconds and the best run counts, judges are taking into account the technique, the fluidity but also the originality and the flow of each run.

Britain's Jordan Clark took the lead with perfect execution of his tricks - cash roll whip, flair whip, double flair, leg whip bar, flair 54, front bri, kickless double, no comply front flair. Former world champion Dante Hutchinson also stood out with two technical and committed runs including a kickless double, triple heel rewind double, cash roll heel, front buttercup, no comply front, flair whip and a last board heel on the big rail.

The local Timon Pharabod from Montpellier was well supported by the crowd and completed rhythmic and precise runs including a triple heel and a double flair to end his second run . Jamie Hull's first run was full of amplitude and technicality, before falling on the second while Matej Pekarek from Prague surprised everyone with his runs including a backflip bar and a front feeble 27 bar whip.

Special mention for Charley Dyson, the youngest guy in the contest at 14 years and the only one to land a perfect 1080!


Jordan Clark

Timon Pharabod

Dante Hutchinson

Jamie Hull

Matej Pekarek