FISE Montpellier -


26 May 2022 21:34

The rumor of a withdrawal from Matthias Dandois was heard behind the scenes of the FISE, the fault of a serious infection in the foot; but the champion is resilient and it is with a nice “panache” that he took the last train available to offer us a run on one leg. However, a leg from Dandois seems to be enough since he qualifies in second place behind Terry Adams. Fitter than ever, the American is on a roll after his podium at the recent contest in Zurich; he proposed a run full of energy that shows how rigorous training pays off.

He will have to confirm in the semi-final as he will ride last, a position that can be special to deal with. If there were no bad surprises among the most anticipated riders – Viki Gomez (Spain), Alex Jumelin (France), Pakphum Poosa-art (Thailand) going easily to the next round; the good surprise is called Shoji Yu qualified 3rd. For a first time in Europe, the 20-year-old Japanese seduced the judges with his explosive riding when he goes so quick from the rear wheel to the front wheel. It seems that the presence of a large and excited crowd did not impress him too much; which bodes well for Saturday's promising semi-finals.