FISE Montpellier -
Bike Life

At FISE, Bike Life is living its best life

28 May 2022 20:38

A new urban discipline that keeps on growing fast, Bike Life was present for the first time at FISE, an exceptional showcase for riders who are becoming increasingly popular! With their own colorful style and distinct aesthetics, they also share many of the same values with the action sports community. So of course, they felt right at home here in Montpellier!

The competition itself was split into two parts, always riding on the back wheel of course: a Tricks contest first, with several combinations of dance moves while keeping the balance, and then the Swerve: a precision test with a target to avoid... And where sometimes the judges themselves turned into one! A show full of energy, where the riders (and even the bikes!) have stage names. A show, but not only, with some really committed tricks, the rider nicknamed "the 19" even going as far as letting his front wheel fly! In the end, it was Matt Pham who won the Tricks contest, with a second run that was simply perfect, and very clean riding overall. In Swerve, it's the very stylish TPS who takes the win, on top of his third place in Tricks, he who perfectly combines control and technique!

First FISE for the Bike Life, and a contest in the spirit of a demo that will certainly have made new followers. A very relaxed moment, just like this movement, and we hope to share it with you again next year!