FISE Montpellier -


28 May 2022 21:51

It seems that there is usually some grass on the banks of the Lez river, right? It must be lying quietly under the thousands of spectators attending the UCI BMX Flatland semi-final where these gentlemen were invited to compete. On the black floor, the tires were dancing once again at this important meeting of the flatland world. The magic of flatland is that it goes well beyond sport and exposes a whole range of sensations and expressions that could be found in theater, dance or music. No wonder then that the public is completely absorbed by the riders' rehearsal. In this game of interaction, it's hard to do better than Matthias Dandois and his invitation to dance to an old Gala hit "freed from desire" where you can interpret the words "my love has no money, he’s got his strong beliefs” as the expression of his infinite passion for this bmx which has given him so much. And every year the public renew this love with joy. We are therefore in his garden, on this field of humans, witnessing his new combinations. Competitor at heart, he will be keen to release tomorrow in the final his latest inventions previewed on his social networks. But for now let's honor Kio Hayakawa who convinced the judges for a first place. With original spinning sequences and in particular an astonishing entry on an ice cream to blender combo, he lands here one of the most beautiful tricks and seems at ease with the crowd, even to the point of expressing more emotions than usual. The other Japanese also did not come to make up the numbers and will accompany him in the end to bring out the big game, just like Terry Adams who just qualified but whom we suspect to have Sunday secrets. On the other hand, this final will be happening without Alex Jumelin as some of his most difficult tricks did not land this time. No doubt he will still be enthusiastic around the stage to enjoy the exceptional performance of these bmx artists.