FISE Montpellier -
G-Shock Graffiti Battle


27 May 2022 16:53


After a two year absence, the ART & FISE team is back to share colors and good energy with you to celebrate the 25th anniversary of FISE Montpellier.

For the second edition of the competition we have a new partner, G-shock, however we keep the same structure and concept, 8 artists will compete in 4 face-to-face battles where only style will count! The artists will have to make a graffiti with three spray paints in 7 minutes, with a word imposed by drawing lots at the start of the event.

The artists competing today for the qualifications are Rafat, Naoul, Vener2, Seyk, Zore, Goer, Digital, and Sirk.

First battle: Rafat VS Naoui
Colors: Red, yellow, white
Word: DBZ
Winner of the battle: Naoui

Second fight:
Vener2 VS Seyk
Colors: orange, brown, white
Word: RAP
Winner of the battle: Seyk

Third 100% Montpellier battle: Zore VS Goer
Colors: Blue, Orange, Beige
Word: 1983
Winner of the battle: Goer

Fourth battle:
Digital VS Sirk
Colours: Sky blue, beige and gray
Word: 80'S
Winner of the battle: Digital

See you tomorrow for the grand finale at 3 p.m. in the Battle Art&FISE area!

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