FISE Montpellier -

Parkour sets the Lez on fire

28 May 2022 19:00

Busy afternoon for Parkour this Saturday in Montpellier, since before the women's Speed competition, the FIG World Cup in Freestyle was also on the menu for the men. Eight athletes qualified previously, and no less than six countries represented, a very nice line-up for finals that promised to be very acrobatic!

Finals with a lot of new faces, due to some of the regulars being injured, and young athletes pushing very hard behind! We find the Italian Fausto Vicari in third place, and it's almost a toss-up with the Greek Ioakeim Theodoridis. It is perhaps the smile of the latter, even in the middle of his run, and his overall cleanliness that made the difference! But on top of the podium, no other than the Swedish Elis Torhall who delivered quite an incredible performance, leaving even our announcer Ben speechless with his technique, and this full in back out to punctuate a memorable performance!

A lot of style, serious technique, and too many flips to count: in the end, a very beautiful podium which shows the diversity of the discipline. The public of Montpellier made no mistake, because with its warm support, the temperature went up again on the banks of the Lez!