FISE Montpellier -

Qualification round for the Roller Freestyle Women

26 May 2022 21:29

After the juniors, amateurs, and pro riders we saw competing today on the Freestyle Park 2, it was a great pleasure to have the female athletes take over this technical course, and bring their own flavor to the mix! The crowd overlooking the Park was loud and cheerful, and after several years it felt like a big family reunion here in Montpellier!


With big names like Mery Munoz, Manon Derrien, and Lisa-Mary Authie, joined by a younger generation of riders led by Spanish up-and-comer Carla Martin, this was meant to be a very good session already, and everyone gave it their very best to qualify for tomorrow’s finals. In the end, the judges selected the 12 best riders, and what a nice show it was indeed!


Eneritz Quincoces made a great first impression with a very solid run, and thus qualified in 3rd place. Coming all the way from Barcelona, Mery Munoz laced both some big spins and technical grinds, and got herself within striking distance from our current leader, Carla Martin. The young phenom started her run with a massive misty flip on the launch box, and ended with an incredible frontflip in transition, leaving everyone in awe.


What a perfect way to end the day for the Roller Freestyle riders here in Montpellier, and what a way to tease the crowd for tomorrow’s finals! Make sure to come check the action, support your favorite riders, and get all the results live!