FISE Montpellier -

Slamming boards and clapping hands

26 May 2022 20:09

The pro skateboard qualifications

It seems that it was not a public holiday for everyone this Thursday on the streepark with the qualifications for pro skateboarders. In front of an audience overheated by the festival spirit that still reigns on the banks of the Lez, the atmosphere was there. Proof that action sports culture is increasingly popular among today's youth, every big trick was greeted with a roar of cheering connoisseurs.

It was predictable that this sound wave would repeat itself more and more often with top riders like Simon Stricker (usa), Ivan Montero (brazil), Ke’Chaud Johnson (usa), Matias Dell Olio (argentina), Richard Tury (Slovakia) and French favorite Aurélien Giraud; the show was indeed on point. On a skatepark with challenging obstacles Ke'chaud was prepared; his speed and pop gave us beauties like that ollie over to five O on the down rail. In a more technical style Adrien Bulard pulls a difficult switch frontside boardslide on the same big rail.

Breaking his board at the practice, and therefore on a borrowed board, Aurélien Giraud always locks his tre flips with as much assurance, enough to pass the quali despite the blow of fate. However, he leaves the first places to the Latino duos, the very technical Ivan Monteiro puts his big trick on the buzzer and qualifies 1st in front of an unleashed Matias Dell Olio on his second run (270 lipslide on the big rail). Note the good performance of the young French Max Berguin and Valentin Graindorge who are showing up in a competition which will sound probably even louder this Friday for the semi-final. Apotheosis is scheduled for Saturday.