FISE Montpellier -


25 May 2022 21:04


On this first day here in Montpellier, the crowd is already filling the banks surrounding the Freestyle Park 2, as well as the bridge overlooking the course. And while the atmosphere is relaxed, for the skaters battling to be amongst the 24 riders qualified for the semis, the pressure to perform is real. The new course is diverse, combining both large transfers and street obstacles, and of course, the best riders are those able to maximize its potential by using all these elements in one consistent line.

And after two hours of an incredible show, amidst a flurry of huge transfers where most were seen flying upside down, three names emerged as the clear leaders of the pack today.

In third place comes Diako Diaby, fresh off his victory tour around the USA, charging all over the park with an amplitude that never fails to amaze, his usual flips mixed with smooth tricks on every obstacle, looking relaxed until the final buzzer.

His fellow Parisian Julien Cudot, another household name here in Montpellier, continues his contest rampage and qualifies in second place, with a masterful combination of tricks that are impossible for most, and seem almost too easy for him, all connected in fast, precise lines. But in the first place, comes the new prodigy out of Korea. At only seventeen years of age, Jay Yoon proves once again he is indeed the future of freestyle roller: clean style, impeccable flow, and an undeniable “wow factor” that instantly gets the crowd cheering for every single one of his crazy spins!

Blessed with beautiful weather and pushed by a fun, yet competitive vibe, this is a very nice warm-up indeed! But you can be sure all these competitors still have a lot more up their sleeve, and we can’t wait to see what insane stunts they pull out of their bag of tricks tomorrow in the semi-finals!