FISE Xperience Monteux

Loic Deschaux, young winner

25 Jun 2018 13:34
Photo Credit : The Agency 
The amateurs confronted by Monteux Lake for the final. Course were especially set up for the occasion, allowing for multi-tasks runs where riders of all levels could express themselves.
In the Pro category, Loic Deschaux and Camille Charraud, who both just turned 13, put on unforgettable runs. They outperformed their older colleagues and saved their best riding for the fans. 

Loic Deschaux: A rider to look out for

Loic Deschaux is a young boy with a brilliant future. Born in Haute Savoie, he is at ease on any board, starting wakeboard four years ago and is already a pro. This was clear after beating riders much older than him this weekend. He even snowboards during winter. Having won the French championship several times in this discipline, he is dedicated to wakeboard and aims to reach new heights. Besides, he has already won several European wakeboard competitions in 2016 and ended up winning the world championship before his 16th birthday.