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FISE Xperience Monteux


18 Jun 2018 11:49

Photo Credit  : The Agency

Head on down towards Monteux Lake in Provence  this weekend (23–24 June), just 15 kilometres from Avignon.  Immerse yourself in the holiday atmosphere with a programme of BMX Dirt and Wakeboard – an awesome event right beneath the sun. 
Zoom in on Wakepark 
The temporary Wakepark is made to measure: a 2.0 water ski system with 3 cables of over 200 metres. 
There’ll be a kicker zone for aerial tricks and a 2-module slide zone, brand new this year and trialled for the first time at FISE World Series Montpellier and during the final stage of FISE Xperience in Amiens two weeks ago.
Did you know ? 
The Wakepark will remain in situ for the rest of the season until the end of September. What better way to develop your skills and spend a fantastic summer? 
Let’s talk about Dirt  
To provide a completely new experience here in Monteux, earth bumps and kicks have been constructed specifically for the event.  And believe you me, this discipline – a long-time favourite of the FISE Montpellier festival – is one of most spectacular!  What a great opportunity to come along and watch the show over a weekend!  Dirt is a discipline that involves executing tricks on earth bumps. They are usually built by the riders!  

Practical information  
Access to FISE Xperience Monteux at WAVE ISLAND is free. Parking is €5 flat rate.
Friday 22 June: training
Saturday 23 June: 9h–20h  competitions, demonstrations, initiations 
Sunday 24 June: 9h–19h competitions, demonstrations, initiations