FISE Xperience Canet-en-Roussillon

Moments with Kaine Mitchell

16 May 2019 23:05
At the age of 21, he leaves no room for improvisation, always on the ramps of a Park, he carefully prepares his runs. This rider fits perfectly with this new generation of competitors who are 100% dedicated to the new Olympic discipline.
Kaine Mitchell is especially THE big winner of the FISE Xperience 2018, thanks to his performance he won his place to enter the big leagues on the FISE World Series. During the last stage, in Hiroshima, he managed to enter the semifinal, a great feat for this young rider.
We have his first impressions 
Your impressions of your entry into FWS ?
My entry was a big step up for me an something Iv been working hard towards in the off-season ! I’m happy to make the semi final but experience got the better of me in semis an is something I now need to work on ready for the rest of the tour ! Fix all my mistakes for Hiroshima an come back stronger , but I’m so great full an happy for the chance to go on the tour an get the experience so thanks guys !!  
Your favorite moment?
My favourite moment definitely has to be winning the golden ticket , it was a close call for me an a tricky one as in the qualifying my bars moved in my first run on the first trick what completely messed my run up witch left me in 4th place an then finals got called off so I was a bit worried about winning the ticket I so much wanted haha ! But all in all it worked out an I walked away smiling with it has to be my best moment for sure  
Your idol?
I don’t really have a idol no more as Iv got older but watching the guys that are out there killing it in the World Series an making podium an finals are my motivation to try an achieve that ! 
Your dream? 
My dream, well I am trying to live my dream right now hitting up all the contests an travelling the world ! But my dream would be to be able to ride bmx with no worries about anything an just do what I love 
Your favorite tricks?
I love a good no handed has to be my favourite or a big 360 for sure 
The tricks that best represents you?
Id say the thing that represents me the most is pedalling full speed and going as high an as big as I can , for sure that is what I enjoy most an feel makes me stand out !! 
Your favorite FISE Xperience?
My favourite fise experience has to be Reims , the contest was crazy an the venue was so cool been in a huge area an was so cool to have a good battle on the course ! 
We find him very quickly in Canet en Roussillon and in Montpellier, talent to follow ...