FISE Xperience Le Havre -

All the activities of the weekend

28 Aug 2021 11:41

If the sports program of the 6th edition of FISE Xperience Le Havre is already pretty jam-packed, many additional activities promise a gnarly weekend.

At every stops, the FISE Apparel store offers everyone to equip themselves with the festival's official products, especially with the FISE Xperience Series capsule collection. The local brand Hedo is also enjoying a stand to host clothes and goodies strongly infused by the Scooter and Action Sports lifestyle.

With the iconic Mr. Raphael Chiquet and the young Julien Baran on board, BMX Flatland demonstrations and introductions will motivate everyone to try their first tricks. Welcomed on a stage in the deep heart of the festival, they come along with Skateboard, Skimboard, Slackline and balance games activities, as well as kite creation workshops open even to the youngest.