08 Nov 2021 14:56

FISE UP November

After the video portfolio, the road trip, the good old vlog or the great production about the Wheels of Glasgow, we continue to try things and propose diverse content. This time we offer you a trilogy of 1 minute reality. Vertical riding to enjoy on our social networks or in the streets of Barcelona. Skateboarding, Rollerblading or BMX, we asked locals to introduce us and tell us about the mecca of our sports. We start with Javier, in charge of the @Macba_sb IG account dedicated to the mythical spot.

What makes MACBA so special?

If you like street, this is the place to go, not only because it's an iconic skate spot in the world, a spot where you can meet Chris Haslam, Tom Penny, Boo Johnson among many others, but also because of the energy that is there. Whatever talent you have you want to exhibit it in the plaza, as if the contemporary art museum extended into the plaza with different arts like skateboarding, dance, hip hop, and more. ...

It seems like there is a funny mix of people in MACBA ?

It's true, there are atypical stories happening every day in the square and you have to share it with drunk guys, junkies, pickpockets; but when you're used to it, it doesn't bother you so much, they do their thing, we do ours.

Do you have a favorite time to skate in Barcelona?

You can skate here most of the year. But summer is still the best, the days are longer and you can skate from spot to spot and end up having a swim on the beach or at one of the many parties.

Your favorite neighborhood to have a good time?

It's very personal, everyone has their own places but for a lot of skaters it usually starts at MACBA and it moves to other places in the city. The Barceloneta area is a good option though in the summer, there are several places to skate around the beaches and you can take a swim whenever you want, meet people and have a Mojito at sunset, a perfect day.

Would you recommend a place for a quick snack ?

Joaquín Costa Street right next to the MACBA is full of take-out meals, pizza, kebab, burgers, but the most popular are the Sultan potatoes at € 1.

A more general remark for those who want to visit the city?

It's simple, Barcelona is a young city with a great diversity of leisure activities, art, culture, sports, concerts, parties ... whatever you want. Skateboarding has become a daily routine in the city and can be practiced almost anywhere, as long as it is done with respect.