15 Nov 2021 13:00

FISE UP November

In the second episode of our little trilogy dedicated to the skate mecca Barcelona, we join the roller-skating queen who shows us her favorite spots around the Forum, where the sea meets concrete and stairs. The best place to prepare the next generation of freestyle rollerblading?

Picture header by Craig Hamilton


Hi! I’m Mery Muñoz, inline skater for Powerslide and Rollsport Academy director. I’m 31 years old and I’ve been skating for 16 years. I did a lot of sports during my childhood (tennis, athletics, swimming, karate and football) but Roller freestyle was the sport once I started I couldn’t stop thinking about it day and night till today. 

Favorite spot in Barcelona ?

I would say it’s forum coping ledge because I still freak out to imagine they didn’t design it with that purpose. Such a cool spot, concrete smooth cooping, not a very good entrance but the best floor to land...trying any trick is a pleasure. 

Favorite time to ride in Barcelona ?

Spring, when temperatures are nice and you don’t have to stop skating at mid-day due to the heat, precisely during the mornings till 5pm when everyone is busy on the office schedule or school, spots are less crowded. If you don’t want to disturb the neighbors better be careful on schedules.

Favorite people to ride with ?

I love skating the streets with my friends Xavi Eguino, Pacoco García , Dexter, Nick Lomax, Sacha López ... all the watermelon crew. But as I also compete in Park and I have my park coaches Raul Quiles and Ernest Bretones. With them I train my park skills to keep progressing on air, spins and flips. I found this balance to always keep learning and enjoy the sport to the limit. There’s many riders in Barcelona, we try to meet as much as we can, it’s a city with high speed, everyone is busy. Nowadays I enjoy a lot spending time with the younger girls and boys, with them I remember that joy and motivation vibes we had when we started. They used to come to my Rollsport classes, but today I like to call them friends... Carla Martin, Uma Hijdra and Alex Fernandez. Bright future in Barcelona for Inline skating, happy to be part of it. 

Favorite area or place to have good times?

There’s many interesting areas in Barcelona but I would say I enjoy the most is  around the Hotel Vela near the  Fórum and next to the beach. I’m a sea lover so every session would be a nice one with the sea breeze. 

Favorite snack food while riding?

My basics for a street session would be Coffee with soy milk , fresh orange juice or juice smoothies , fruits and bocadillos (sandwiches). Orange juice always gives me super power to skate. I try to drink and eat fruits and food with Vitamin C, Iron and Sugar. Which is what I need more cause of my highly active life.

A little epic story about Street riding in BCN ?

I was filming for the MM aeon video with my friends. I was starting to warm up on a rail to gap when a couple came to watch. They freaked out I was the one skating and the boys filming, the guy used to skate and was so impressed that he asked us if we were staying on this spot for a while. They left while we were filming, came back with brand new skates, he used to skate but not any longer so they gave us the skates for us to give to someone. I found it super cute from them, the skates were actually cool and had an ABT break. I Gave them to a friend who wanted to start skating that same night.

Last word

I like to say nowadays that I am an athlete for an extreme sport like Roller Freestyle and I make a living out of our passion. We must open our mind to become a sport artist more than an athlete.