22 Nov 2021 18:00

FISE UP Novembre

We end our little trilogy dedicated to the action sports mecca Barcelona with a session with the PS Homies crew whose mixtapes testify to the city's multicultural atmosphere. BMX street riders come from all over to live the Barcelona dream, and especially from South America (Argentina, Chile ...), we talk about it with our dear Mati Lasgoity.

Pictures : Ciro Costantini

Favorite spot to ride in Barcelona ?

I think the whole group would say that we love our street plaza, the one you can see in the reel, the famous Parallel. It is the most central spot, so it’s a good meeting point, and we just love to ride there, so much stuff to ride on that plaza.

Favorite time of the week or of year to ride in Barcelona ?

No doubt the best weather to ride here in BCN is spring because it is warm enough so you can swim, but it is not as humid as summer. 

Favorite people to ride with here ?

PSHOMIES crew of course, because we’re an amazing group full of friends from different parts of the world and we have fun and enjoy riding little bikes, as simple as that.

Favorite area or place to have good times in Barcelona ?

Razzmatazz  & Apolo  club (note : home of the famous “nasty Mondays”) or any place with the crew. Being with the boys is always super fun no matter where we’re at. 

Favorite snack food while Street riding ?

Coca Cola and pipas ! Hahaha or something from Lidls bakery. Something better, patatas bravas with beers because we’re in Spain. 

Any advice while visiting Barcelona ?

Watch out for the pickpockets and the Police. Then have fun and explore by train or metro and discover the best city in the world for street riding.