23 Jan 2023 15:38

FISE UP January

As the BICROSS is being released, his book which documents 4 decades of BMX in France, we are extending the FISE UP video dedicated to him by asking Alain Massabova to list some of the most significant achievements of a remarkable career. The life of the Mexicos is quite busy, and it seems far from over.

Interview : Ben Bello
Video : Simon Uguen

Alain (second from right) Mexicos Posse 1993

Signature trick

My best trick is the Junkyard in the back (bike upside down, pegs in hand), I invented it but Chad de Groot also at the same time so I leave it to him…

Your most beautiful event

It is necessarily the Flat Ring at the Cirque d'Hiver in Paris in 2006 with all the best flatlanders in the world. It was a year of work with a huge budget and a big personal investment; In the end, a beautiful dream that came true.

The best sponsors

I had a salary to represent Adidas in 1997 by being the 1st pro of the 2nd wave, it was great because I was also able to bring my friends (Alex, Lotfi) into the team. But the one who really changed the game was Homecore with whom I opened a 100m2 shop in the center of Paris, they helped a lot to revive BMX at the end of 90.

The most memorable trip

I hesitate between Costa Rica with the Bad team (Alex, Raph, Matthias) or the 3rd FISE in Palavas where we literally turned the campsite bungalow upside down with the Mexicos, it was really hardcore (especially for the campsite). I'm not even talking about the trip to Korea that ends in Japan with Bibi, Dropsy… A nice bunch of assholes on the loose!

What cream issue are you most proud of?

They are all my children so it's hard to say but the N°1 of Cream in 99 and the N°1 of A.R.T in 2010 are the most successful in terms of content and great successes in the end.

art x Matt Hoffman

The cover that marked you the most?

Of course, the cover I did with the naked girl in bed with a BMX (Cream #22, 2007, photo Arno Bani), it's still a reference, it's Cream, my signature, showing BMX in the best possible way.

The BMX part you produced that you are most happy with?

It would be a St Martin part, the brand I currently lead, it's the Jumelin saddle, a tattooed pivotal mid saddle, it's original and has become a collector's item now. This is my idea that I realized in collaboration with Alex and Bellesetbuth (tattoo artist from l'Encrerie).

The most successful shop?

Of course the last one, Le Rendez-vous des Riders (Paris BMX), was more than a shop, it was a living space with a bar, a workshop, squats, tattoos, events every week.... It was a dream but too expensive for BMX, I had to close reluctantly.

The most surprising moment in BMX?

The most surprising are the demos in nightclubs in Montpellier, the girls are completely crazy, it cost me dearly…

FISE Palavas 1997

Your biggest disappointment in BMX?

Maybe when I stopped Cream to do ART BMX, in the winter of 2010 under the snow when the publishing company (Vélo Vert) was to take us back, it stuck a knife in my back. It took us a long time to recover from this disappointment.

BMX pride 1997

Best moment in BMX?

Almost every day when I've been on my BMX since 1986, but the craziest thing is the BMX Pride in 97 and 98 when we blocked all of Paris on a Saturday night, a beautiful bunch of ravaged people! I still have to talk about Palavas, the 1st FISE, the evening at La Notée club which ended naked and relaunched BMX in France, pure happiness !

BICROSS is more than a year of work, more than 100 contributors, 75 interviews for 300 pages, make sure to get your hand on it >


PS : Thank you to all the creators behind these archives !